Pharmacy Room dedicated to Donnie Donald

The Kindersley Pharmacy Project is nearing completion at the Kindersley and District Health Centre, which has been made possible through the generous bequest of Donnie Donald of Brock, Saskatchewan.

Donnie Donald was born and raised on a farm near Brock and farmed for a lifetime.  Lionel Story fondly recalled that it was always important for Donnie to be the first farmer to seed every spring.  He also loved hunting coyotes with his hounds and had plenty of pelts.  He was a prominent chuckwagon racer who owned good quality horses.  He was known as the community vet helping farmers out with their animals.  Gerard Desrosier said Donnie had a heart of gold and was willing to help anyone.  Now his contribution will help provide quality services to many patients in this region.

In collaboration with the Kindersley and District Health and Wellness Foundation, the SHA approved the allocation of a portion of the bequest to renovate and install state-of-the-art pharmacy equipment. The new equipment will assist in the preparation of medications for patients in the Community Oncology Program of Saskatchewan (COPS).

Kindersley is one of 16 COPS centers in Saskatchewan. The partnership between the Saskatchewan Health Authority and Saskatchewan Cancer Agency to deliver COPS is a vital commitment to our community. In Kindersley, there were 428 visits to the program between 2022 and 2023. Together, COPS nurses and pharmacy technicians, who recently completed training at the Saskatchewan Cancer Agency, are excited to utilize this state-of-the-art equipment and new space to provide high-quality services to the patients they serve.

The bequest made in 2015 was a significant gift that has been dedicated to enhancing health care services for residents in Kindersley and area.

Back row: Kindersley Mayor Rod Perkins, Lionel Story Kindersley RM Reeve, Gerard Desrosiers executor of estate, Richard MacDougall Kindersley and District Health and Wellness Foundation member, Murray Serfas Kindersley RM Councillor, Anika Becker, Manager of Clinical Services. Front row: Miranda Crossman Pharmacy Tech, Kelsey Kruesal RN, Shannon Palmier RN.