Grants & Bursaries

To recognize the importance of education for our youth, Kindersley & District Health & Wellness Foundation Inc. provides education reserves and bursaries for education and training opportunities for Healthcare personnel as well as eligible students in healthcare fields.



In 1992 a non-profit Foundation was established to provide funding to Heritage Manor, this Foundation was named Kindersley Senior Care Inc. In 2003, the name was changed to Kindersley & District Health & Wellness Foundation Inc.

People helping people through caring and sharing for the future of our communities


Together with our partners we provide the services and care  needed for the safety and health of our region. Our goal and passion is to provide quality healthcare, safety and life-saving tools for Kindersley and it’s district.

We encourage you to make this community your first choice when looking for products, services, jobs and involvement. We believe that community is vital to human well-being. Together we can make it a better place to live.

  • Rural Municipalities

    RM of Kindersley, RM of Oakdale, RM of Milton, RM of Chesterfield, RM of Milton, RM of Antelope Park, RM of Newcombe, RM of Prairiedale and Town of Kindersley

  • Fire Department

    The mission of Kindersley Fire is to protect citizens and their property from the devastation of fires, motor vehicle crashes and other emergencies.

  • Kindersley Social/Be Kind

    BE KIND is an initiative started by Kindersley Social. Among many other commitments, the aim is to help unite Kindersley.

  • Prairie Rose

    As a family owned and operated business, Prairie Rose believes in giving back to the community.


  • We are “Proud Supporters of STARS
  • Chemo Therapy Reserve
  • Heritage Manor Auxilliary Reserve

Grants & Bursaries

Nokleby Education Fund

Provides education and training opportunities for personnel of the Kindersley Integrated Healthcare Facility

Brian Martin Bursary

To recognize the importance of education for our youth, in order that they may have the knowledge to promote quality of life for our communities.


Thanks to RBC

Donation to KDHW Foundation

The staff and management of Kindersley Branch of Loraas Disposal are pleased to make their Community Investment contribution to Kindersley & District Health & Wellness Foundation.

Brian Martin Bursary

Kindersley & District Health and Wellness Foundation has presented Sheldon Cannon with the $1000.00 Brian Martin Bursary. Sheldon is in his final year Medical Program at U of A. He will be applying for residency programs and intends on applying for training in Rural Family Medicine.

Nokleby Education Award

Kindersley & District Health & Wellness Foundation presents Stephanie Rapadas with the $1250.00  Nokleby Education Award. Stephanie is taking her 3rd year of nursing at Mount Royal University in Calgary. Working towards her Bachelor of Nursing degree.

Education Awards

Kindersley & District Health & Wellness Foundation awarded Jocelyn Cannon with $1,000.00 Brian Martin Bursary. Cory Vold received $1,250.00 Nokleby Education Award.